Copper Sun

by Jesse Plack

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Released in 2006, Copper Sun is the debut solo album from San Diego artist Jesse Plack. An eclectic mix of styles and sounds, this album features a blend of acoustic, indie, funk and alternative rock.


released December 1, 2006

All songs written, performed, and produced by Jesse Plack.


all rights reserved



Jesse Plack Seattle, Washington

Solo artist, J-Thrlz of ¡MUGATU!, and the vessel of Jesse Mercury. Find his current work at

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Track Name: Rise
Things feel heavy
Things feel deeply contained
Changes pushing outward
And if feels unsavory to be changed

Songless, wordless
Stretched in two directions
Lead me out
And it feels unsavory to be changed
So touch me here

It seems unnatural, but it seems to wane
And I feel uncertainty to be changed
So hold me here
Track Name: Waxen Wings
Up inside a tower with a view upon the sea
An old man and his son, imprisoned, dreamed of ways to flee
And since the father was a man of scientific mind
He fashioned waxen wings out of the tools that he could find

The wings they were of golden hue, with feathers all around
Two pairs he made, for him, for son, with skill that would astound
Excitement flooded through their veins, their wings were strapped on tight
With windows wide and breeze aflow the father warned of height

Please, please, please don't fly too high
Your wax will melt, your wings destroyed, you'll fall from the sky
So please, please, please don't soar to the sun
Heed these words or else I fear your life will be undone

The waxen wings they proved to be a glorious success
From tower window down they flew, and off into the west
To soar was such a feeling that the boy could not contain
The sky it was his kingdom and upon it he did reign

When Icarus became a bird he lost track of the land
Up and up he flew, his life was in his fragile hands
I wonder what he thought when liquid wax ran down his breast
Did father's words of warning run throughout his troubled head?

Down, down, down his kingdom left for waves
Ability to swim, none had, his life he could not save
So down, down, down to the breathless ocean floor
The father cried, the boy he died, the story has no more

Please don't fly to high my son
Track Name: Define
I cannot find the words to define the feelings
I wish to be confident with no more misgivings
I saw you in my dreams except I was waking
In sleep I'm having different dreams and my heart is breaking

You're kind of killing me, not only in a bad way
I wish that I could be what you want but it's a bad day for me

I wish I could love again, or maybe I'm scared to
Maybe I've lost again and again what I've held true

I want you to break me out, I want me to let you
Is this what life's about? Is love a virtue for me?
Track Name: Nemesis
He's swingin' high and he's swingin' low
Don't think I can take another blow
But next time I will be a man
Try and hit me if you can

When my nemesis (rival) ensured my survival

She rode in on a carpet ride
Look me up, look me down, size for size
She spread her legs an inch apart
Enough to tease, not enough to start

When my nemesis (rival) ensured my survival

She rode in on a proper sun, on a copper sun
Track Name: Mighty
Some were found beaten and broken
Some were found conditioned to lie
And some were found on swells of the oceans
On rocks and beaches, on beaches we tried

To throw off conditions and live through the breath
Of flourescent light that clings to our skin
What 'ere should happen, I hope that our paths will continue to cross in a mighty way

We threw off our clothes and ran into darkness
Moonlight and stars reflect in our eyes
We lay in the sand, naked and dreaming
We danced through the shadows, we sang through the tides

What 'ere should happen, I hope that our paths will continue to cross in a mighty way
Track Name: Sweat
Away, away I am

I'm all dried up inside, blood in streams and rivers standing
A dry exhaustion, tired, unwind my mouth words are rambling
Bring me back to the time when I could be on my own
Get me out from inside your head

Away, away I'll stay

You walk a sultry mile, shake your hips, look my way
Your kiss is hard and riled, sink your lips into my name
But your touch is corrupted by your sweat
Get me out from inside your head

Don't be a fool again

I will cause your wasted life
Away, away I...

Don't be a fool again
Track Name: Breathe
Do you mind if I rest my head?
Cause you're hardly there when I'm dreaming
Shed off this shit
You're only there when I'm thinking

Do I find that it is best not to share what I'm thinking?
I could shed off the stress
But those are cold eyes you are blinking

Would you please say you'll stay?
Breathe life into me

For a time I capsized and fled into the depths of my ocean
And it fucked with my head
But we swirl in a circular motion

And now as I rest my head a new vision engulfs me
Old wounds are dead, and I am blissfully lonely
Track Name: Exception
I saw you there and I wanted to know you
But I didn't know you or how to show you
What I feel
So make an exception and let me in
Make an exception and let me in
It's not an obsession, at least not yet

Did you recognize me as you walked by me?
I wanted to speak but my mouth was full of
Trepidation, I need alleviation
A connection
Just let me in
We'll meet at the station, where we could begin
To make a connection, just let me in

Sometimes I second guess my attractions
It's a natural reaction
But not this time
This time I know I would be with you given the chance

Simplify me and satisfy me
Be inside me, or the other way around
We'll synchronize an infatuation
Am I reading you right?
Am I reading this right?

We'll make a connection, and let me in
Meet at the station where we can begin
To make an exception and let me in
It's not an obsession, at least not yet
Track Name: So Far
What if I had to choose between me, between you?
Would I be swallowed up as those like me do?

So far I have discovered that there's a war brewing up inside

Hey, there's a man who's lost in a sea of his doubt
And hey, there's a man who's drifting in and out
So take away the words of the hypocrites
Cause you will pay for what leaves your lips

And so far I have discovered that there's a war battling out inside

Weakness, weakness
It's all I can think about
I'm stuck in this fit of weakness and I'm begging to pull out

But so far I have discovered that you are weaker 'cause you can't face yourself

Hey, there's a man who's lost in a sea of his doubt
And hey, there's a man who's drifting in and out
So take away the words of the hypocrites
Cause you will pay for shit that leaves your lips
Yeah, you will pay for what leaves your lips
Track Name: They All Stare in Wonder
They all stop and stare at you and me
'Cause they want what they see

Hey, you're finally with me

Wrap your arms around my neck and pull me in
Wrap your arms around my back and pull me in
Wrap my body into yours and pull me in
I'll pull back at you
Track Name: Brave
Sweet baby don't be afraid
Of the light that shines from behind these eyes
Cause it doesn't mean much for the state of decay
That given permission would wash me away
So beat it down, beat it down, bring back the way
That we used to slip on by, smiles awake
In my dreams of the castle in the hole in the wall
Where villains were slain and crowns regained by all

And then I'll see her
Brave deeds released her
One day I'll meet her
The girl from my dreams

Simple was lost in a life
Of confusion and prejudice, unwanted stolen kiss
But sometimes the stars will align
When Venus and Saturn are dancing in time
A slippery stream in me, what does it mean in me?
I dreamed up a moon that came down and swallowed me
I would stand there till the ships flew on by
And one more great puzzle would ease my mind

And then I'll be here
My mind will be so clear
I'll feel love and fear
And everything in between

I would be up and away
If this were the first time, last time in a way
I've seen what you've got and it's not what I need
And now to deny would cause my heart to bleed
I wanna be near to her, dear to her, clear to her
Lay down my head and endure a sweet dream with her
How love was lain in sleep all the while
A pattering rain wakes me, eyes open, smile

And then I'll see her
Mouth whispers three words
Lay down beneath her
Just like in my dreams