Washed in from the Shadows

by Jesse Plack

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A sonic wonderland of pristine acoustic sounds and other-worldly synths, set over haunting lyrics, gripping riffs, and soaring melodies.


released June 28, 2010

Recorded at Ocean Studios, Burbank
Engineered by Albert Mata
Assistant Engineers: Mitch Green and Brian Dong
Artwork by Erin Hanscom and Robin Eisenberg
Mixed and Mastered by Jesse Plack at Monolith Studios, San Diego


all rights reserved



Jesse Plack Seattle, Washington

Solo artist, J-Thrlz of ¡MUGATU!, and the vessel of Jesse Mercury. Find his current work at jessemercury.com.

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Track Name: Intro
Washed in from the shadows, where your beauties lie
Hand carved to perfection, arms and feet collide
Washed in from the shadows
Track Name: Shakeup
Here again, losing something
Running red, run towards nothing
Shake me up, make me shiver
Wake me up, make me quiver

Run your tongue but run in straight lines
Feel the sun burn through your eyes
Now everyone come to gather
Tales are spun, we’ll spin till we’re dizzy
I could enjoy this, run through your forest
Undone in chorus, try to untie my tangled mind
The shakeup
Shake shake shake

She said this life is just a lie
Words rushed, passed me by
Cause once again I hear it said
How she loves me
Whisper how she loves me

Why are you leaving?
Face flushed, chest heaving
What was the meaning?
If words are empty as your eyes
I should have seen this, blinded by weakness
Touch taste and sweetness have played their part and worn me down

This waking life is just a lie
But you know this more than I
You claim a sin to touch your skin
So why did you touch me?
And lie
Shake shake shake
Track Name: Sinking Shivers
Raise our glasses to your health with sideways glances to each other
The law binds us to you
You left us cold and helpless, left us in a fever

Nothing more to lose, falling off a bridge
We hope the wind will catch us, or else oh well
It’s a head first cold awake, body slam red rash
Pouring up the nose filling up the mouth

I got the sinking shivers, the blacklight blues
Just a little more air, baby
Just a sip
Track Name: Avarice
Avarice and pleasure zones
Touch me here, do or don’t
I can’t stomach this alone

A sultan’s kiss
Pillars these tomes of ancient wisdom
An ancient moan
I can’t stomach this alone

Don’t go soft or be dishearted
Don’t run off, we’ve just got started
Just lie back, it’s not an illusion
Just go slack, it’s a mental exclusion
Now give me all of your secrets
Open up and feel the heat

I can’t stomach this alone

Avarice and pleasure zones
I feel nothing
We feel nothing
Track Name: Broadway
I exist here, bouncing down, around
I contradict fear, I swallow sight and sound
But this is not enough, there are words to hear
If I expect too much it might as well end here

I am done
I cast my coins in now
My wish is to pull them out

What is left of me could fill an ancient tale
Great deeds of bravery, told by none, told well
What kind of love are you offering?
One from the heart, or one from wasting away

I am done
I’ve got no coins to throw
Sit by the well
In hopes that she will show her face
Shining bright her eyes will take me to places I would go
Track Name: Cumbersome Conversation
Why you talkin’
A cumbersome conversation
Why open negotiations?

Why you askin’?
A misuse of punctuation
Why you boastin’?
A misread of the situation
Who’s hopin’ for information?

We pass down hate
We exonerate
We emaciate and congratulate
Who’s talkin’ while they emulate?
It is not my place she says as she paints her nails
It is not my place he says while he pays his bills
Now it’s much too late for a cumbersome conversation
Words fly across borders as boys and girls are taught to follow orders
Who’s makin’ the decisions for our nation?
Who’s takin’ upon themselves this occupation?
Crisis state
Air raids pound, wake the sleepin’ babes
This is not the world that I want to live in
Not where killing can make a living
Who’s gonna initiate a cumbersome conversation?
Track Name: Bones
Hey big one
You walk on by alone
Hey big one
You walk on by alone
And I try and I try and I try and I try but you’ve got no comfort zone
And when you fall you fall down hard
Just end up breakin’ all of your bones

Hey hard stone
You better leave me alone
Hey soft cone
Just leave me on my own
Well you better listen close, you better run along home
Cause as soon as I can stand I’ll be breakin’ all of your bones

Hit the pavement
Snap and crackle, pop
You fool away, you fool away

Hey big one
I wonder what happened to you
Big one
I wonder did you crack ‘em?
Well he waited and waited and waited, but you know nobody came
And his flesh and blood they washed away
Washed away in the rain
Till he was just bones
He was nothin’ but bones
Track Name: Waste
Lost in a rain of dissidence
Lost in a rain of consequence
You fool

You run from my confidence
You run from my stubbornness
You fool

Waste away all desires in your arms
Waste away when you’re gone

I’ll prove to you…
Track Name: Synthetics
You have fallen, you can’t get up
You’re callin’ through the rush
You realize that if they find you in time they might leave you to die
Just brush it off
Run home and brush it off
You are bleedin’ too much for her to touch without the aid of rubber gloves
A plastic blend
Synthetics will be your friend
It don’t seem right that when we die formaldehyde makes us look like we’re alive
Just brush it off
Run home and brush it off
You are bleedin’ too much for her to touch without the aid of rubber gloves

As the sun begins to fade you reach a hand to receive no aid
Their eyes are frozen, their heads are turned away
Track Name: One Sleuth Lost
A glass of wine is all it takes for you to fall into my bed
But when the drink wears off you resolve to keep me at arms length
As I speed through darkness raining I wonder how I fell for this again
Still my sleuths are searching for you, a basset hound will sniff you out again

You hold my leash, you tease, and expect me to walk away unscathed
You stand within reach and foster a false belief that you’ll acquiesce someday
Won’t take ‘no’ for an answer for seven years, that’s what I tell myself
But you make me a liar, you make waver here
I tried to cut and run but I failed

You make me walk through fire, keep the water away
You release the tigers, they come prowling my way
And still I come back to you like moths to the flame
My survival instinct should kick in any day

How can love and anger coexist this way?
How can I untangle her? Our weave has frayed
The hounds come back empty handed, though one has strayed
So all hope can’t be abandoned though I wish it away
There’s nothing left to find
That’s what I tell myself
Track Name: 50 Fathoms
Hey, I’m at the bottom of the sea
Watching the spread of the ocean floor
I’ve got all the time in the world

From here the stars are silent
But the sun blinks through the waves
I hear that ships are sinking
But they are far, far from here

I had sculpted a perfect form in the sand
Then the currents came and it washed, washed away

Where are the memories of my days in the waves?
As I grow older
The early days seem to fade

I had sculpted a perfect form in the sand
And now could not say what shape that form had