from by Jesse Plack



Sweet baby don't be afraid
Of the light that shines from behind these eyes
Cause it doesn't mean much for the state of decay
That given permission would wash me away
So beat it down, beat it down, bring back the way
That we used to slip on by, smiles awake
In my dreams of the castle in the hole in the wall
Where villains were slain and crowns regained by all

And then I'll see her
Brave deeds released her
One day I'll meet her
The girl from my dreams

Simple was lost in a life
Of confusion and prejudice, unwanted stolen kiss
But sometimes the stars will align
When Venus and Saturn are dancing in time
A slippery stream in me, what does it mean in me?
I dreamed up a moon that came down and swallowed me
I would stand there till the ships flew on by
And one more great puzzle would ease my mind

And then I'll be here
My mind will be so clear
I'll feel love and fear
And everything in between

I would be up and away
If this were the first time, last time in a way
I've seen what you've got and it's not what I need
And now to deny would cause my heart to bleed
I wanna be near to her, dear to her, clear to her
Lay down my head and endure a sweet dream with her
How love was lain in sleep all the while
A pattering rain wakes me, eyes open, smile

And then I'll see her
Mouth whispers three words
Lay down beneath her
Just like in my dreams


from Copper Sun, released December 1, 2006


all rights reserved



Jesse Plack Seattle, Washington

Solo artist, J-Thrlz of ¡MUGATU!, and the vessel of Jesse Mercury. Find his current work at

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