Cumbersome Conversation

from by Jesse Plack



Why you talkin’
A cumbersome conversation
Why open negotiations?

Why you askin’?
A misuse of punctuation
Why you boastin’?
A misread of the situation
Who’s hopin’ for information?

We pass down hate
We exonerate
We emaciate and congratulate
Who’s talkin’ while they emulate?
It is not my place she says as she paints her nails
It is not my place he says while he pays his bills
Now it’s much too late for a cumbersome conversation
Words fly across borders as boys and girls are taught to follow orders
Who’s makin’ the decisions for our nation?
Who’s takin’ upon themselves this occupation?
Crisis state
Air raids pound, wake the sleepin’ babes
This is not the world that I want to live in
Not where killing can make a living
Who’s gonna initiate a cumbersome conversation?


from Washed in from the Shadows, released June 28, 2010


all rights reserved



Jesse Plack Seattle, Washington

Solo artist, J-Thrlz of ¡MUGATU!, and the vessel of Jesse Mercury. Find his current work at

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