One Sleuth Lost

from by Jesse Plack



A glass of wine is all it takes for you to fall into my bed
But when the drink wears off you resolve to keep me at arms length
As I speed through darkness raining I wonder how I fell for this again
Still my sleuths are searching for you, a basset hound will sniff you out again

You hold my leash, you tease, and expect me to walk away unscathed
You stand within reach and foster a false belief that you’ll acquiesce someday
Won’t take ‘no’ for an answer for seven years, that’s what I tell myself
But you make me a liar, you make waver here
I tried to cut and run but I failed

You make me walk through fire, keep the water away
You release the tigers, they come prowling my way
And still I come back to you like moths to the flame
My survival instinct should kick in any day

How can love and anger coexist this way?
How can I untangle her? Our weave has frayed
The hounds come back empty handed, though one has strayed
So all hope can’t be abandoned though I wish it away
There’s nothing left to find
That’s what I tell myself


from Washed in from the Shadows, released June 28, 2010


all rights reserved



Jesse Plack Seattle, Washington

Solo artist, J-Thrlz of ¡MUGATU!, and the vessel of Jesse Mercury. Find his current work at

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