Waxen Wings

from by Jesse Plack



Up inside a tower with a view upon the sea
An old man and his son, imprisoned, dreamed of ways to flee
And since the father was a man of scientific mind
He fashioned waxen wings out of the tools that he could find

The wings they were of golden hue, with feathers all around
Two pairs he made, for him, for son, with skill that would astound
Excitement flooded through their veins, their wings were strapped on tight
With windows wide and breeze aflow the father warned of height

Please, please, please don't fly too high
Your wax will melt, your wings destroyed, you'll fall from the sky
So please, please, please don't soar to the sun
Heed these words or else I fear your life will be undone

The waxen wings they proved to be a glorious success
From tower window down they flew, and off into the west
To soar was such a feeling that the boy could not contain
The sky it was his kingdom and upon it he did reign

When Icarus became a bird he lost track of the land
Up and up he flew, his life was in his fragile hands
I wonder what he thought when liquid wax ran down his breast
Did father's words of warning run throughout his troubled head?

Down, down, down his kingdom left for waves
Ability to swim, none had, his life he could not save
So down, down, down to the breathless ocean floor
The father cried, the boy he died, the story has no more

Please don't fly to high my son


from Copper Sun, released December 1, 2006


all rights reserved



Jesse Plack Seattle, Washington

Solo artist, J-Thrlz of ¡MUGATU!, and the vessel of Jesse Mercury. Find his current work at jessemercury.com.

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